7500 Watt Rüzgar Türbini

Conergy SWT 7500 DC
Flexible, efficient and robust The Conergy SWT 7500 DC is a robust small wind turbine for Off-grid systems. Typical applications range from house or village electrification, water pumping to small enterprises. The Conergy SWT 7500 DC has been specially designed to withstand extreme climates and has proven its reliability for more than 15 years. It is equipped with a patented passive pitch control which enables the wind turbine to keep a stable energy output in strong winds. This unique system also guarantees a storm proof design which can even be installed without concrete foundations. In combination with a Conergy ISA hybrid inverter, the Conergy SWT 7500 DC can be integrated into a hybrid system with different energy sources such as photovoltaic or diesel generator. The Conergy SWT 7500 DC requires only very little maintenance and is easily self-assembled and self-installed on either concrete or steel foundations. A special feature is the 7m high flat roof version, which can be installed without roof anchor.